Sakura Hiden: Thoughts away from Like, Riding Up on a spring season Snap

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts away from Like, Riding Up on a spring season Snap

Head post: The final: Naruto the film A couple of years after the Next Shinobi Industry Conflict, Sai try drawing a landscape outside of Konohagakure among of evening, only to see the moon’s descent toward Earth and you may an effective hooded shinobi driving with the a traveling creature when you’re carrying the latest unconscious Hanabi Hyuga, far to their shock. The guy tried to chase immediately after him or her, in order to be used off prior to he might conserve Hanabi. Shortly after reporting on Sixth Hokage in the Hanabi being kidnapped of the Toneri Otsutsuki, the guy satisfies having Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and you can Hinata on the a mission to help you conserve their.

Later, given that Naruto first started relationships Hinata, he borrowed one of Sai’s training books regarding the relationships, such as for example from the dating process

The group travel from the Sai’s ink creations in which Hinata commentary into viewing a glowing below ground spring. On get to the spring season, Sai says to him or her that river does not cause them to damp, which makes it easier to visit courtesy. Entering the river, the group decrease around good genjutsu, that have Sai dreaming about his pleased enjoy together with brother up to Sakura released them regarding genjutsu. Subsequent going forward from the spring, Sai, Shikamaru, and you may Sakura observe Naruto and you will Hinata was abandoned prior to capable choose some thing, they are assaulted by Moonlight entrance’s Gatekeeper. And their shared services, it was able to beat it with Sakura hitting it and its inner organs.

Once Naruto is chappy promo code actually brought out from his despair by Sakura, she and you may Sai head to help save Hanabi if you’re Naruto and you may Shikamaru realize Hinata. Just after Toneri’s defeat, the group thoughts right back for Konoha. [31]

Even when no-one is actually poorly harm as there are no facts both attacks is actually linked, Kakashi desires Sai to research one another incidents by himself.

Sai fits having an informant merely away from Konoha and you can directs him to research if the particular bad guys listed in the fresh new Bingo Guide try about both symptoms. When he efficiency towards the town, Sai are assaulted from the a few masked people. Even in the event each of the criminals provides good cloak regarding tailed beast chakra, they can push among them of and simply take others. Sai initiate curious new captive, nevertheless when the person begins to react a good juinjutsu activates and their system punches right up. Sai account it in order to Kakashi. Both remember that the attacker’s self-destructive juinjutsu is much like just what Danzo Shimura placed on their agents. Which, in addition to the fact that nobody but a keen Anbu may have also thought Sai’s project which means that recognized to attack your, convinces Kakashi it is every part of a system concocted by the Kido Tsumiki, an old ally so you’re able to Danzo. Kakashi teaches Sai working their research on the Kido.

Chief blog post: Sakura Hiden: Advice regarding Like, Riding On a spring season Breeze Kakashi meets with Sai and you can informs him regarding two separate episodes because of the not familiar perpetrators resistant to the Flames daimyo and you can Homura Mitokado

Sai employs Kido’s movements between his different hideouts for a few days, however, he’s got no chance of getting into the any of them rather than sharing their visibility. Their informant requests an event and, truth be told there, records an effective rumour regarding the Sasuke: which he reached particular possession buyers weeks earlier looking to weapons having an attack on the Konoha, and then murdered brand new dealers when they didn’t work. He as well as reveals that, following the battle, he spotted Anbu meeting products on Valley of one’s End therefore the link where Sasuke fought Danzo. Sai will pay him for it guidance and you may desires another conference into the the near future.

Whether it will get clear you to definitely Sai’s investigation with the Kido ‘s the same as Sakura and you will Ino’s research towards an enthusiastic impostor away from Sasuke, Kakashi merges their analysis. Ino dubs on their own Ino–Saku–Sai and vow to keep each other informed of its results. Eventually later on, Ino visits Sai at the their the home of modify him that Sakura could have been captured by Kido. Sai and you will Ino go to certainly one of Kido’s hideouts and you may Ino sensory faculties the within to possess Sakura’s chakra. She is not there, but Sai identifies they need to see what intel they could get anyhow. Ino uses your body and mind Looks Key Techniques to your hideout’s sentry when you’re Sai captures him or her, the girl first-time having fun with including a method versus Shikamaru and you may Choji. If the sentry, an associate off Sai’s, is actually reluctant to address the concerns, Sai pushes Sakura’s whereabouts out of him because of the tickling him that have good paintbrush. They’re going for the hide-out where Sakura is continued Sai’s imitating bird. Once they appear it discover that Sakura has escaped and you will is found on brand new offending.

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