Metal Stuff Strong 4 – Weapons – Section 1

Metal Stuff Strong 4 – Weapons – Section 1

Metal Stuff Strong 4 is the top-selling PlayStation 3 game from Konami, including Strong Snake. While the game is connected to sneaking and secretiveness, since you’re principally going through war zones, you could need to use one of the 70 available weapons that have made it into the game. A significant parcel of these weapons can 50 ae ammo  be changed, adding degrees, silencers, electric lights, and more onto them. Having so many weapons in the game can get perplexing, so it’s valuable that you can visit Drebin’s shop at whatever point (at whatever point you’ve met him) to buy new weapons and ammo. I won’t be looking by any means of the Metal Stuff Strong 4 weapons, yet the highlights.

We ought to at first analyze the Handguns:

MK. 23 a.k.a SOCOM

Anyone that is played Metal Stuff Strong 1 will recall this weapon as Snake’s fundamental firearm. Made for the U.S. Remarkable Tasks Order, it has a 45 sort barrel, and goes with laser pointing and an exceptionally developed silencer. The 6.5 creedmoor ammunition is really exceptional in its gathering, due to the gigantic magazine limit diverged from its size.


This is my undisputed top decision firearm, as I like to play a clandestineness game, and of all the Metal Stuff Strong 4 weapons, this has every one of the essential characteristics faultlessly. It is absolutely soundless, as it uses a remarkable sort of soundless ammo, shedding the prerequisite for a silencer. While each magazine can convey 6 changes, that is all that anybody could require to cut down several champions at short closeness, undetected.

The Race Weapon

This gun is a piece exceptional, and should be gotten resulting to completing the game. What is necessities power, it makes up in the way that it can fire rapidly. Also the nobody however gun can skip slugs off of walls, ala Gun Ocelot in the super Metal Stuff Strong. Unfortunately there are no progressions possible, yet it’s actually heaps of entertaining to use.

Then, we ought to explore the Submachine Firearms:

The Nationalist

The Nationalist is the weapon of The Supervisor in MGS3, and is a striking gun. It is the weapon of a specialist, and requires no reloading using any and all means during fight. While looking at it from the front, the magazine approaches the condition of a boundlessness picture, which is a shrewd thought.


The P90 is a particular weapon that outfits you with incredible convenientce during fight, due to its shape. Best used at short vicinity, it can cut down tremendous gatherings in seconds thanks to its extraordinary speed of fire. This can be found overall around the chief level, as it’s conveyed by the FROG officials.

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