Tour of the Aristocracy and Worthy!

Tour of the Aristocracy and Worthy!

From Assis in Brazil

To Assisi in Italy

Excellent civil of Brazil

Wonderful area of section of land city

Italy’s Assisi of Assisium

Area of Perugia of Umbria Region

Scape of Western flank

I call Monte Subasio

Place where How to join the illuminati h for St. Francis

Of the Francisan strict request

Also, St. Claire of the Poor Sisters

A later Poor Claires

Assisi of Italy, the Ghibelline Commune Independence

Lovely control of Papal locale

A shaking of the 1997 September Earthquake

Home to the Church and Monastery

The Sights of rich expressions custom

With influentials of Pietro Lorenzettia

Simone Martini

A development of Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi

Incredible place that is known for basic harmony

Terrains of rebuilding and serenity

Terrains of congruity and tranquility.

From Astorga in Spain

To Astoria in Illinois


Northern Spanish town of Provincial Leon

Top of the La Maragateria Camarca

A progression of waterway Tuerto

A region lying in Maragatos

Celtic settlement of the Roman Stronghold

Authored in Asturica district

Roman settlement of Emperor Octavian

Asturica Augusta

The heavenly city of magnificence and Emerita

Road of Bishop of Astorga

Seeing the Palacio Episcopal

Astoria of Illinois

A Fulton district town

Archeological planets and military showers

The Baroque building tracked down in Spain’s Astorga

Lovely grounds and wonderful compacts

A movement worth your time and energy

Between Astorga’s Spain and Illinois’ Astoria

Lands so perfect and great

Lands so gorgeous and alluring

Lands so new and charming.

From Athens in Michigan

To Athens in Greece

Athens town of Calhoun area

Little populace of South Athens

Superb piece of the Battle Creek

The Nattawa Creek, a progression of chances

I feel to call the Nottawa stream

Extraordinary Athina

The dominator of the Attica fringe

The pride of a world’s most seasoned city

A monster life expectancy of 3400 years

A metropolitan region of the eight most crowded Luz

Ask the European Union

My middle for Economics

Stage set for money, governmental issues and social life

I set out to rate my Athens, an alpha world city

An extravagance of force, a strong city state

Home of Archeology and host of the Olympic Games

A connection to the cavern of Schist

A lead focus of exchange and success

A lead focus of arrangement and riches

Two together as one structure

A type of Aristocracy

A structure called Athens.

From Atlas in Wisconsin

To Athens in New York

Chart book of Wisconsin, a district of France double-dealing

A Great Britain settlement

Of the French and Indian Wars

Strong Atlas of milk and cheddar

Peas, beans and corn, I love to eat

Great trailblazer of social regulation

To house Winnebago Lake

Athens, town of the Greene County

A definition of catskill and coxsackie

That is New York’s Athens

Broadened and graced of land and water

Mideast town in accordance with the Hudson River

Lined in New York by Columbia County

An entry for U.S Route 9W

New York State Thruway

Am glad to say

I have Atlas and Athens

Chart book of Wisconsin

What’s more, Athens of New York.

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